Why Value is Central

Refocus On What Drives Success and Growth

The economy is changing and it is increasingly difficult for individuals, employers, and educators to navigate.  This change was fully underway prior to COVID – the pandemic simply accelerated the process.  The Gig economy has emerged as a means for people and companies to pay for specific delivered Value without additional obligation.  People are becoming restless in their work and employers are struggling to find the benefits that would appeal most to people.  The exchange of Value was coming back into focus, and no longer was it the employer that was calling all the shots.

COVID brought a spotlight to this all and accelerated more ways of working changes than most of us have seen in our lifetimes.  Employers struggled and continue to struggle to attract and retain talent, as individuals ask themselves “is it even worth it.”  As a result, people are producing less, leaving more, and careers and companies are suffering.  Customers and employers had come to expect good or great, and now are often left with the all too common and accepted “mediocre.”  NAEBL seeks to restore Outstanding in careers, businesses, and communities – as no career, company, or community of note was ever built on mediocre.

Expand Access and Opportunity

With the purposeful knowledge, integration, and measurement of Value, any position, no matter how “ordinary,”  becomes a launchpad for success and growth.

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