Accreditation to Help Educators and Trainers Elevate and Accelerate Impact

You are most likely already working hard to create real impact for people in your community. You see some success, but not to the level you are looking to create. Maybe the missing piece is value?

Fostering a value-add approach provides what is missing from traditional workforce education – as well as the context, meaning, and tools for your participants to go on to do great things. Using the foundational criteria behind the stackable credentials, NAEBL provides guidance for the integration of educational and training programs that lead students to develop a value-add mindset.  Programs that align with these criteria will be recognized by NAEBL and have the opportunity to qualify to award credentials.

NAEBL seeks to expand the opportunity for people to develop this mindset to increase opportunity and success.  Allowing a wider and more diverse population to gain access to this way of thinking will not only expand the pool of entrepreneurs, it will also expand the pool of career aspirants who are able to successfully navigate the modern economy.