Grow your value

Become a certified value creator

Re-focusing on success and growth requires an understanding of what value is, how it is created and how you can create exceptional value to grow your career and life.  NAEBL’s value creator certification helps you on your professional journey by giving you a recognized credential that shows your ability to understand and add value both by assessing your mastery of value creation, and through cataloguing and validating your history of creating value for employers and organizations.

NAEBL’s credentialing system consists of three levels that allow you to grow and document your journey as a value creator.


Earning your level 1 value creator certification shows that you have participated in a development workshop and learned the foundational skills required to be a value creator.  Level 1 certification means  you understand of the central role of value in success, and now have the tools to be a value creator.  You are now ready to build your future by creating value.


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Value creation is an active process.  Learning about value is a start, but you are not a value creator until you actually create value.  Level 2 certification shows that you have put what you have learned into practice and have created value for others.  As a participant in NAEBL’s credentialing process, you will have access to a documentation portal, where you will be able to upload your examples and create a record of your value creation journey.  Tools within the portal will help you categorize and assess your value creation activities to help you and potential employers recognize the value you have created.


As you build your portfolio of value creation and grow your skill in recognizing and adding value, you will have the opportunity to add verification to your activities.  Becoming a level 3 value creator allows you to become a verified value adder by receiving testimonials from individuals involved in your value journey that are vetted by NAEBL staff.  This signifies your ability to create extraordinary value, and indicates a level of excellence that you can share with prospective employers.  It also allows for categorization of your activities that can be used by companies and recruiters to identify exceptional individuals who are best suited to their particular needs.