What is Value Creation?

Value creation is the ability to enrich others through identifying unrecognized opportunities and acting on them. It requires an understanding of what is needed, who needs it and how to make it happen. When undertaken in an environment that supports and celebrates value, great things happen!


People are at the core of every great enterprise. What enables people to do great and creative things is the understanding that the creation of value is the driver of success. Recognizing this and learning how to seek value is the foundation that allows individuals to grow and flourish.


Enterprises that encourage and celebrate extraordinary value creation set themselves up for success. Value creation drives excellence and creates an environment where individuals feel empowered. Companies with a value creation focus are able to increase productivity as well as recruit and retain amazing talent.


People who understand value and how to create it can find success in a wide range of occupations. Helping students learn how to think about value and to be action oriented when it comes to creating it sets them up for success in their first job…and every job after that.

NAEBL’s Proposition

NAEBL exists because great things happen when value is exchanged. Value creation is about showing up and showing up fully when you are working. It is about being focused on what matters and being part of a thoughtful plan in an environment that welcomes and celebrates value creation. It is about doing more, not less. It is about being outstanding, not great or good. This is what makes great communities, companies, and people.

  • In 2022, only 32% of US employees said they were meaningfully engaged at work1
  • Disengaged employees cost US companies $550 billion a year in lost productivity2
  • Employees who feel their voice is heard are 4.6 times more likely to feel empowered to perform their best work2
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